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Make your last will & testament fast and free of charge.  

How it works: 3 simple steps

1. Complete the questions

  • Provide answers to all the questions relating to your wishes.

  • Don't stress, this typically takes less than 20 minutes.

2. Print your will

3. Get your will signed

  • We will generate your will reflecting the answers you provide.

  • We then email a copy for you to print.

  • Arrange a time for you and your witnesses to sign the will.

  • Store it in a safe place.

  • Why don't you charge?

Build My Will is able to remain a free service thanks to people just like you who believe Australians should not face financial barriers when creating a last will & testament.

  • Is it valid in my state?

Yes, wills you create using Build My Will are valid in all Australian states and territories provided they are signed and witnessed correctly.

  • Can you help with other end of life products?

At the moment we only help with wills but you can contact us to receive discounted services from lawyers near you. They can help with preparation of power of attorney, enduring guardianship and trust documents.

  • How can I support Build My Will?

You can support us by:

1. Providing introductions to nonprofits. We believe we can do the most good by working with these organisations to get the word out about our service. If you or a friend work at a nonprofit please contact us.

2. Kindly choosing to 

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